Satish Garimella has the instincts of a politician, the heart of a civil servant, and the brains of a scholar. It is in all of our best interests to set aside political considerations and vote for someone who will work tirelessly to make our town better.

Matthew Walker
Pastor, College Park Baptist Church

Satish Garimella represents the type of grass-roots community activist the Town of Morrisville needs in office. He is one who appeals to a broad base and most importantly embodies the spirit of those who care about their community. He and brings proven leadership and is confident and resourceful when it comes to overcoming hurdles. I am proud of the work he is doing in Morrisville and endorse Satish for Morrisville Town Council.

Ishan Sehgal
Chairman, NC-INPAC

As the president of the Providence Place Homeowners Association in Morrisville, I give my strongest endorsement to Satish Garimella for a seat on the town council. Satish has worked tirelessly for the homeowners of his subdivision, Breckenridge, and for the interests of all the homeowners in our town. He is focused on improving our roads and other infrastructure efforts that will contribute to both the safety and habitability of our community. Satish is also a strong advocate for our public schools and making sure each child in our community receives a quality education. I believe it is essential that we have someone on the town council who will work to improve the quality of life in Morrisville for all of our citizens and promote the interests of our homeowners. Satish Garimella is the perfect man for that job. Please vote for him in November and, in so doing, invest in a bright future for Morrisville.

Col Andrew Finlayson (US Army Retired)
President, Board of Directors, Providence Place HOA

What can I say about Satish Garimella that can own up to the hard working dedicated man that he is? Mere words cannot explain how terrific a person he is and the positive impact he continues to be in my community and in my life!

I had the pleasure of meeting Satish Garimella 3 years ago when he was Vice President for our community (Breckenridge) HOA master board. Satish has proven his worthiness time and time again in the past 3-and-a-half years, and as President of our Breckenridge Master HOA, he has made positive changes and implemented programs to bring our community closer together. He has conquered many obstacles & handled many different matters, no matter how ugly they may have gotten, in a professional, friendly manner!

Whatever endeavor Satish chooses to be a part of, I can guarantee he will give 100+% , he will be a definite asset to those around him, and he will prove to all the honest, hardworking man he is! We applaud Satish for the special man he is and we are proud to be his neighbors/friend!

Ellen Moricone & the Moricone family
Proud Neighbor & Friend of Satish Garimella

I have had the pleasure of working with Satish as the Vice President of Breckenridge HOA. We were very fortunate to have him lead the team. He is a relentless worker always striving to provide the best value for the community. We could see his drive and energy any time we had to negotiate with the vendors, or organize community events or raising sponsorship funds. He has a unique ability to work equally well with people from all parts of the world and bring them together.

Murali Takalpati
Vice President, Breckenridge Master HOA, Morrisville

Satish, is one of my most promising pupils. When in school he has shown great leadership qualities. I wish him all the best.

Saraswati Krishnan
Satish’s High School Math Teacher

I have known Satish for more than 17 years. We served in the fund raising committee of Sri Venkateswara Temple in 2002-2004 and raised more than 150K. He is the chair of Strategic Committee of the temple getting many projects complete. Satish is truly blessed with great interpersonal skills and his dedication to community service is highly commendable. He proved to be an excellent council for Morrisville and will bring his unique set of skills to serve the Morrisville town.

Bhaskar Vellpalli
President and CEO of CiVentiChem
Member of Board of North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Chairman of the Sri Venkateswara Temple of North Carolina

This is in reference to the Satish Garimella who is seeking to represent us as council member of Morrisville. As you may all know, Satish has been the President of Breckenridge HOA for the past three years. He has worked diligently and unflinchingly for the safety and welfare of our HOA. Satish has been a spokesman for Morrisville safety for many years. For instance, when we recently witnessed a significant rise in home break-ins and burglaries he put together a meeting and invited the Morrisville Police Chief and Morrisville Mayor to speak and offer tips to the community about it (The culprits were eventually caught and arrested). Other safety initiatives of Satish, include petition to reduce speeding at the Redwood Park/Louis Stephen intersection, installing speed limit signs on Grey Marble Road, informational emails on pedestrian right of way, installing lights at the intersection of Parkside Valley and Redwood Park, speed bumps along Parkside Valley Road, to name just a few.

The list of social events organized under Satish’s leadership includes Swim Club and Movie Night, Jazz at the Park, Holiday Tree and Hanukkah Menorah Lighting, Diwali Fireworks and Party.

Above all else, Satish is a good-hearted individual who wants to do his best for the community. He is selfless and generous with his time for the common good. I sometimes wonder how he can invest so much of his time for the community while also keeping his day job.

I therefore unequivocally and unreservedly endorse Satish for Morrisville campaign.

Raj Iyengar
Professor in the Accounting Department, North Carolina Central University

I have gotten to know Satish Garimella over the past few years he has been the president and driving force behind our Breckenridge Homeowner’s Association. Under his leadership, the HOA has grown into a first class organization which has focused on the needs of the subdivision’s residents as a whole, pushing programs for our seniors, young adults and the general population. He is not a “sit back and wait and see” person, but someone who is proactive in his thinking and actions which have resulted in making the subdivision a much better place for all its residence.

He is also very hands on and knows what the various committees under the HOA are doing (and not doing). He is very cost conscious, keeping his eye on the budget, and those responsible for expenditures.  I know he is very active in watching over the various subcontractors who are working in Breckenridge and keeps their “feet to the fire” meeting contractual obligations while at the same time keeping costs in line.

I also am impressed with Satish’s interactions with the Town of Morrisville elected officials, committees, public safety personnel and first responders. In short, Satish is someone who would do an excellent job as an elected Town Councilmember.

Dominic D’Antonio
USAID Diplomat
Home Owner and Resident Preserve I, Breckenridge Subdivision

Satish is a selfless, passionate, inspiring and established leader in the Town of Morrisville. I have known him for almost 10 years and we had the pleasure of working shoulder to shoulder from 2011-2013 to establish the Breckenridge Sports & Youth Club. Based on my own ~3000 hours of leadership experience and routine interactions with political leaders at the local, State, Federal, and International level, I can attest that Satish has a unique and effective approach to leadership. He leads by example and has creative methods of bringing out the best in people. I have hundreds of friends and acquaintances in Morrisville, but can think of no better candidate to join the Morrisville Town Council.

Prakash Bhave, Ph.D.
Morrisville Resident from Dec. 2003 – Sep. 2013

Satish Garimella cares about his neighbors and his town. As a neighbor, as a parent in his child’s school, and as president of his neighborhood’s HOA, Satish is always willing to offer his time, talents, and enthusiasm to make life better for his fellow man. He possesses a strong sense of community and town pride, and he is committed to uniting town leaders and residents to make Morrisville a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Kristin Moore
Home Owner and Resident Preserve II, Breckenridge Subdivision, Morrisville

Satish has a solid record of community service and has contributed countless volunteer hours to support our community. In addition, Satish has excellent business and corporate experience. From my perspective, especially as a business owner in the region, Satish’s background will make significant positive contributions in the overall growth and development of Morrisville. In all my interactions, I have watched Satish always cheering for Morrisville to businesses and his knowledge, commitment, and dedication to Morrisville, will make businesses prosper in Morrisville. Together, it makes Satish as ideal candidate to join and serve Morrisville as a member of the town council. I encourage you to vote for Satish.

Anuj N. Mittal
CEO, MJM Group

We wholeheartedly support Satish Garimella in running for Morrisville Town Council. Over the many years we have lived in Morrisville, we have witnessed Satish energetically and persistently serve and guide our community. Satish has such a passion and purpose to cohesively make our community safer, livelier and more prosperous. Most importantly Satish is fiscally responsible. We are confident that Satish will persevere and use his natural leadership skills to unify our Town and reach Morrisville’s future goals.

Mark and Amber Von Bokern
Morrisville Residents

Although I have known Satish for many years, our relationship really grew when he moved to the Triangle area in 2001. I was a student at Duke University at the time when he made the move from Tulsa to RDU. Together, we explored the area and got to know each other better.

It was during this time that I saw how much Satish really enjoyed being in the Triangle area. He truly embraced the spirit and culture of the region and fully integrated himself into all it has to offer. Since that time his dedication and commitment to this community has only grown. He has undoubtedly made Morrisville his home and feels a great sense of pride in the neighborhood, its residents, and everything it can become.

Coupled with this deep sense of pride is Satish’s inherent nature to be a loyal, dedicated friend and citizen. He is genuine in his support of others, and truly wishes to bring out the best in all those around him. With his jovial personality and willingness to integrate with others, Satish accomplishes these goals very naturally. His work ethic and commitment are also unparalleled. When combining all of these aspects, I believe Satish will serve the community of Morrisville well and will help it grow towards its full potential.

Ramesh Emani, MD
Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine, The Ohio State University

I am pleased to support Mr. Garimella in his Morrisville Town Council candidacy for two important reasons. First, I have witnessed firsthand his ability to work for good, even when it has required adapting his dreams in order to support the will of the local community. He is not fearfully agreeable, rather he is intentional and thoughtful in using his leadership positions to help a community discern and move towards a goal. Second, Mr. Garimella is willing to take action to see dreams and ideas become reality. He does not simply vote on action other leaders bring to the table, he is engaged in bringing practical ideas to the table himself. I am pleased that Mr. Garimella is running for Town Council in Morrisville.

Jay Helms
Pastor, Echo United Methodist Church

As a resident in the Breckenridge community, I saw firsthand Satish’s ability to build programs and facilities that met the needs of the residents. Under his leadership many new opportunities were available for the kids in the neighborhood, elevating the amenities of Breckenridge to match or exceed those in surrounding communities. As a parent at Green Hope Elementary and current PTA President at GHE, I have been pleased to work with Satish as we’ve sought to increase parent engagement in the school community. For our annual Spring Carnival, the second largest fundraiser at school, Satish organized a food booth that donated a significant sum to our efforts. Through my many experiences with Satish over the years, I have learned that he will willingly go above and beyond what is expected and that if he commits to an event or a cause, he will absolutely be there to make it happen!

Kimberly Bloomfield
President, Green Hope Elementary PTA (2014 – 2015)

I choose Satish Garimella for the office of Town Council. Satish has a wealth of experience dealing with local and county officials. As president of the Breckenridge Home Owners Association, Mr. Garimella has implemented positive changes within the community and expresses a passion for community involvement. He has been consistent with addressing issues affecting not only the Breckenridge community, but the town of Morrisville as well. I most admire Satish’s proven ability to save money while still providing the community with needed services, and plenty of activities for the youth as well. He is very responsive to the resident’s needs and concerns, and always provides a resolution or resources. He is highly respected by the Breckenridge community which consists of over 1100 homes. I proudly support and endorse Satish Garimella as candidate for the office of Town Council.

Renee Providence
Breckenridge Subdivision and Morrisville Resident

I have seen Satish moving rapidly and pragmatically on Community issues and matters while he is president of a large Brackenridge community/HOA. He has made Brackenridge to be a safe and very nice community to live. He is a great communicator and has excellent relationship with Morrisville Town Council and Staff members. He is very well connected with Morrisville Town requirements, infrastructure and issues. I have seen him working across the sections and his passion for community work. I like the way he wants to connect and guide youth in the community.

-Manoj Pandya
Vice President Hindu Bhavan
Morrisville Town Budget Committee member

I have known Satish Garimella for over a decade, but more closely over last couple of years since both his senior citizen parents are my patients. As a practicing Cardiologist for more than 16 years, I come across a lot of patients and their family relationships. Salish’s devotion and dedication to his parents really stands out for me. He takes great care of his parents, and I believe it is the dream of every parent to have such a loving and caring son! Personally, I see Satish as sharp, intelligent, and very capable. He is an excellent listener who has a true passion to serve the community, and is a great team player. As a Trustee (board member) of SV Temple and head of Strategic Planning, I invited him to join my committee because of his communication skills, sound thinking, and a clear understanding of the needs of a growing community. Satish has the rare ability to work across party lines, form strong alliances, and make win-win situation for all involved. Finding solutions to problems (not partisanship) is important for any town to flourish. I am confident that Satish will be an excellent fit for the Town Council, and that he will contribute immensely. I support Satish wholeheartedly and earnestly urge the residents of Morrisville to vote for him. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Rama Garimella
WakeMed Cardiology

Satish has demonstrated a strong interest and leadership in the community for four years in Breckenridge. He is open minded and willing to listen to all sides of an issue and tries to build consensus. Satish is very cost savvy and is continually trying to improve the neighborhood and community to benefit the entire community.

Tony Casanova
Manors 1 HOA Board

I am delighted to support Satish Garimella for Town Council in Morrisville. I have known Satish for many years. As President of Breckenridge, I have seen him groom as a great leader who has selflessly devoted his work and service to improve the lives of people of Morrisville. He has excellent skills to move Town of Morrisville forward in development. I urge everyone to vote for him.

Narayana Chinthapatla
SV Temple President (2015 – Current)

Satish Garimella represents leadership and vision for the next generation of our elected leaders. I have seen him firsthand how great he works with all sets of the community and that’s truly a mark of a public servant, and we look forward to his continued service to the citizens of Morrisville. I strongly support him and request everyone to vote for him as he supports all the keys amenities that Morrisville is lacking which is Transportation, Better parks and rec programs, Schools and development and care for Youth and Seniors.

Hitesh Patel
Breckenridge Resident

With a heart as big as his smile, Satish is a natural born leader who is passionate about everything he gets involved in. Which is not a short list! He is a sharp student, a savy businessman, a loyal friend and a dedicated father.

Maggie Sparling
Standard Pacific Homes

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege than serving  mankind. This is what my student Satish Garimella of many years now a masters of computer science is capable of doing. You may doubt what I say but you will believe what Satish can do. This young professional gentleman has three marks of being superior, being virtuous he is free from  anxiety, being wise he is free from perplexity, being brave he is free from fear. He is simple his achievements are simply something that he feels he does well, he enjoys doing his work and he is proud of it. This noble young man when he reaches a decision, its execution is the order of the day- it is his responsibility and he cares about its outcome. He means what he says and he says what he means.

Mrs. Pherwani
Satish’s high school teacher

I know Satish and his family since 2003 and he is doing Excellent job as HOA president since 3 years for Breckenridge Subdivision which is 25% of population in Town of Morrisville. He is growing in Morrisville as Rapid Task Force and getting support from all communities regardless of party affiliation..! I am fully supporting Satish for contesting Morrisville Council based on his capability and his efficiency to serve people of Morrisville..He is SMART..

S- Sincere, M- Mature, A- Acceptable, R- Reachable, T- Techie Guy..!

S Vasa
Breckenridge and Morrisville Resident

Satish is qualified to serve on Town Council. Through his service as president of his homeowner’s association, Satish has shown the leadership necessary to work with different views and ideas to achieve goals that put the interests of his community first. Satish is honest, fair, and hard-working, and will use those qualities to overcome the challenges facing Morrisville. If you want to give Morrisville a bright future, please vote for Satish for Town Council.

Ranjan Emani
Regional Counsel at Social Security Administration Office

I endorse Satish Garimella for Morrisville Town Council. I worked with Satish on several events in our Breckenridge neighborhood from swim club to holiday celebrations. He is constantly seeking ways to make his community better. He is especially a champion for the youth in providing opportunities for them to develop physically, mentally, and socially. Satish is skilled at taking community feedback and working to find the best solutions. He is constantly serving others and giving of his time and talents. I know he will be a great asset to the Town of Morrisville.

Wendy Holladay
Breckenridge Swim Club Chair
Choir Director of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I have known Satish since middle school. He has a unique talent to be the “magnet” and was liked by students and teachers. Till date, our high school teacher reaches out to him to network to other students. What really makes him special is that…he really cares, listens and helps those in need. He is smart, hardworking, has eye for details and does not sleep till he achieves his own high goals. In the last 4 years where he served as HOA for Breckenridge, the results stand out. He has improved the living experience of the community, introduced several social events including the movies in park, engaged teens and the local police. During the same time, he dramatically improved the reserve funds for the community without increasing the HOA dues. It will be a blessing for the city of Morrisville to have Satish as a Town Council member. I wish him all the best and ask all of you in Morrisville to join me in getting Satish elected and move our town forward.

Rajesh Nadipalli
Middle School Classmate since 1985
Morrisville Resident

I have known Satish ever since he moved to this area and would say without a doubt that he is a person with mission and would give 110% whatever task he takes up. Community and town needs people like him who would do their best. I strongly endorse and support him.

Sudhaker Kallem
Past SV Temple Board of Trustee and Director
Business owner

I strongly support Satish’s candidacy for Town Council. He brings a perfect balance of intelligence and thoughtfulness to the table. Satish has dedicated an incredible amount of his personal time to Morrisville and the Breckenridge community. He is truly a gentleman – I was very impressed by his willingness to guide and help us during the transition of our community (from the builder to the homeowners).

Gautam Agarwal
Board of Directors, Providence Place HOA

I have known Satish since last 10 years. I am impressed with his accomplishments as President of the Breckenridge Home Owners Association, in particular sports and recreational programs and cost optimization initiatives. He is a quick learner who pays attention to details and is persistent in pursuing challenging goals. Satish is an asset to the community and I am confident that he would make an outstanding Councilman.

Satheesh Pothuganti
Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems
SV Temple Treasurer (2015)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Garimella for over ten years now and have witnessed everything he has done to make Breckenridge not only a safe neighborhood, but also a family. His establishment of the Sports and Youth Club has given teens around the neighborhood a platform to become a part of the community as well as express themselves. He is driven to involve the youth in all activities, which in the long run, has given us the confidence and motivation we need to be active members of society. With his extensive skill-set; he will be an outstanding Town Councilmember.

Shravya Kandimalla
17 yrs old
Breckenridge Resident and Member of Sports and Youth Club

The one person who can make things happen is Satish. His can do attitude and positive outlook towards life is commendable. Under his leadership, the Breckenridge HOA has grown into a great organization with the mission to adhere to the needs and welfare of its residents. He is selfless and is always willing to devote his time towards community service.  In fact, he has been known to have a great working relationship with Town of Morrisville Council Members and Staff as well as assisting in local Indian events to display more of his native culture. In his opinion, diversity plays a key role in improving the community. I have worked with Satish on numerous occasions; each time, I have been highly impressed with his leadership, his commitment, and his enthusiasm. His biggest strength is his devotion to his work; he pours his heart and soul into each event to make it a success. His leadership quality and farsightedness will take him a long way. Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Satish wants to create a change in the world by bettering his community. We need more leaders like Satish. With many years of experience, strong independent thinking and impeccable record on key projects, I think Satish Garimella would be an effective and very qualified council member.

Usha Bajpai
HSNC Cultural Committee Member

The Indian American community constitutes 40% of the city of Morrisville. Satish has been a prominent community leader and has proven himself over the years with valuable service to all citizens of Morrisville. It is time, that as community we support Satish as a council member. I have known Satish for the last 14 years and I give him my personal endorsement.

Pavan Yerramsetty, MD
Board Member Of Goodwill NC
Past Chairman Of NC-INPAC and Triangle Indian American Physician society (TIPS)
Vice President-Partner Raleigh Neurology Associates.

As manager for the Breckenridge HOA community; I have worked closely with Satish for several years. Being the president of an HOA can be a thankless job. HOAs are like mini governments; board members are volunteers and must uphold the legal covenants and enforce these without favor which is very hard to do with friends, neighbors and people you socialize with. I have found Satish to be a very fair and equitable leader for the community. His positive attitude and humor has helped to diffuse tense situations. He has a passion for supporting and encouraging the youth of the community. I believe these attributes would definitely be an asset to the Morrisville Town Council.

Carol Slaven
Property Manager, York Properties

I have known Satish Garimella for over Ten years. I noticed leadership qualities in him the day I first met him, many years ago at the temple. He is a very hard working young man  with great entrepreneurship ideas for Morrisville. He has the dream of making Morrisville one of the best places to live, raise children and also retire. Every time I meet him, he  only discusses about his great vision for Morrisville. I have seen him as a young  bachelor, great son, a married man and a very caring father. He worked selflessly for the SV Temple for over 4 years and then for Breckenridge HOA and now he is ready to take the next step of Town Council. He can work with any set of community and works very well with the town staff which is very important to move the town forward. I wish him all the best and strongly support all to vote for him. We need leaders like him!!! We wish him all the best and support unconditionally to lead Morrisville to a great heights.

Dr. Prasad Makam
President Triangle Indian American Physician society (TIPS)
Ex-Chairman-SV Temple of NC Director Cary Endoscopy
Ex-Chairman Wakemed Cary Endo.
President Triangle Vasavi Association
National Director-NRIVA
Executive Member-TAHTs

Satish Garimella is what Morrisville needs to keep moving forward. He has shown the type of leadership that would help both residents and businesses and keep Morrisville one of the best places to live. As HOA President of Morrisville’s largest neighborhood, Satish has shown his commitment to keeping costs low while expanding programs for teens and seniors. Please join me this November in supporting Morrisville’s future by voting for Satish Garimella for Town Council.

Mayor Stohlman
Mayor, Town of Morrisville

I am pleased to endorse the campaign of Satish Garimella for Morrisville Town Council. Satish has a proven record of ability and knowledge. His common sense approach to current citizen issues will serve us all well.

Margaret E. Broadwell
Former Mayor, Town of Morrisville