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Satish moved to the Triangle 24 years ago and, in 2003, made Morrisville his home. Professionally, he is in senior management as a technical architect working on critical projects at a leading pharmaceutical company.

Community service is second nature to Satish, who volunteers regularly within his faith community and beyond.

Satish lives in the Breckenridge Subdivision, which is home to over 100 nationalities and more than 4,000 residents, and his service on the homeowner’s Board of Directors preceded his first election to Morrisville’s Town Council. Since his first term on the Town Council, Satish has focused on the five campaign issues from that election — transportation and traffic alleviation, education (especially, K-12), Morrisville’s youth and seniors, and smart development. Tremendous progress has been realized during Satish’s service, and you can read more about it here.

The son of two retired university professors, Satish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, is a Friday Fellow at UNC Chapel Hill, has studied public policy at the graduate level through Harvard University, and is active within the North Carolina League of Municipalities, where public-service education is a prominent focus.